Porträtfoto Markus Buchsbaum

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artist | graphic and communication designer
lives and works in Vienna, Austria


Once upon a time there was a little box tree, or as we call it in German: a Buchsbaum. Botanists like to call it the »common box tree« or »der gewöhnliche Buchsbaum«. Small, evergreen, and properly cut into shape. Evergreen? No way! Gloriously colorful!! With painting as its passion, this delicate little plant was able to outgrow its supposed height and form. And after graduating from the Karl-Franzens-University in Graz with a degree in art history, the little tree quickly realized that it could grow even taller if it not only learns about creativity, but also lives it!


Creativity has always been the fertilizer it needed to thrive. To be deeply rooted in life, it is not enough to only have a job, but also a calling, which the meanwhile matured tree has found in art and graphic design. According to botany, the Buchsbaum is said to grow very slowly; but not our tree described here. It keeps sprouting shoots of curiosity into all directions. And with its training as a graphic and communication designer and its autodidactic know-how about the art of painting, the Buchsbaum can easily withstand wind and weather.